Can Probiotics Help You Get Fitter?

Hayden Saunders

There is a reason that probiotics are more widely available now than ever before. These powerful microorganisms help to regulate the digestive system, protect from inflammation, improve mood and can even support your overall fitness levels. It now seems that directly and indirectly, probiotics help to physically and mentally prepare you for your daily workouts. Of course, the better prepared you are, the more beneficial your workout will be.

It is only recently that people started discussing probiotics and fitness in the same sentence.  Probiotics have been a popular choice for helping with digestive issues, but recent studies are now showing they can help support a healthy lifestyle and make sure you get the most from every workout. There are a number of things that probiotics do to help get your body in the right condition for a workout. When your body is efficiently supported, it not only allows you to reach optimal performance levels, but you can also get the most out of each fitness session.

Can Probiotics Help You Get Fitter

Better Absorption

Probiotics are already famous for their ability to improve digestion as they efficiently break down the foods we consume. This process, when done efficiently, is a valuable asset for those looking to get fit. Probiotics are able to turn foods into the fuel that your body needs during a workout. By allowing for optimal uptake and absorption of nutrients, our bodies are better equipped for exercise and the necessary repair and recovery. Making more nutrients available provides more energy and stamina, which are essential for every workout.

The ability to recover after a workout is important.  If you notice that you seem to really drag after each session, then probiotics can help you. Adding them to your daily plan can help your body recover more smoothly so you can transition from workout to work with less pain.  Their ability to reduce inflammation is one of the key factors allowing it to speed up recovery times.  Additionally, probiotics produce B vitamins, which are critical for energy and the regulation of stress hormones. This means you will experience less fatigue after each workout.

Boost Immunity

When your goal is to maintain a regular fitness schedule, nothing presents as more of a challenge than getting sick. The good news is that a regular regimen of probiotics can support your immune system, giving it a daily boost to fight off infections and sickness. A healthy gut is synonymous with a healthy immune system and a healthy body is always ready for the gym.

Working out regularly does put some stress on your body and wears you down, which can be a drain on the immune system. That’s why it is important to keep your immunity in peak condition and probiotics definitely help with this. The majority of the immune system lives in your gut and regular probiotic supplements keep the gut flora balance in check. During those intense workouts, when immunity levels drop slightly, there is always plenty of support in the way of extra probiotics.

Boost Motivation

90% of the happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in the gut. That said, an unhealthy digestive tract or unbalanced flora ratio can cause feelings of depression. When you feel depressed or even just down, going to the gym is usually the last thing you feel like doing. When this happens, your fitness routine starts to fall apart. Probiotics and a happy gut may just provide that positive push your mood needs. Not only are probiotics prepping your body for optimal workouts and recovery, but you also get enhanced motivation to see the workouts through.

Boost Probiotics and Boost Fitness Benefits

When it comes to boosting bacterial support for your fitness regimen, the first thing you’ll want to do is learn more about probiotics, especially from educational and research-based websites. Next, you’ll want to address is your diet. Daily servings of probiotic-rich foods are a natural and efficient way to add friendly strains of bacteria to your system. Yogurt and other fermented foods have been used for centuries to treat digestive ailments. Unfortunately, most of the dairy sold today is largely processed, which means the true probiotics levels are not very high. If possible, try to find  natural and organic dairy products. Also, try kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and miso, all of which are extremely rich in probiotics. In addition to increasing your intake of probiotic foods, it’s advised to also increase your intake of prebiotic foods. Regular servings of onions, garlic, oats, bananas and asparagus all stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. There are probiotics available as well, but it’s critical to do your research by reading educational reviews before choosing a supplement. You can look into sites like Smarter-Reviews.

If dietary changes are not possible or if you already have to follow strict nutritional plans, then you can get the same probiotic benefits from taking a daily supplement. Look for a multi-strain probiotic containing billions of CFU (colony forming units) and always opt for a higher quality brand. Some supplements will make their way through the digestive tract just fine, but others need to be taken with food to ensure they are not damaged by stomach acid. Typically, higher quality versions are more likely to survive the stomach gauntlet.

As far as routine, you can be flexible with your supplements. First thing in the morning is ideal, and after some time it becomes routine and habit. Knowing you are starting each day with a positive step toward a healthier you is a great way to kick start a productive day. Once the mood is set, your fitness routine will be something to look forward to, rather than dread. It’s important to remember that you do not have to take a probiotic supplement alongside your workout, so long as it is included in your daily routine, the probiotics will provide support all through the day.

Final Thought

A probiotic supplement can help improve your fitness levels just as much as increasing your intake of certain foods. Regardless of the delivery method of the friendly flora, the idea is to maintain a regimen. Probiotics have the characteristics to enhance performance as well as recovery, allowing you to push those fitness goals to the next level. Just as combined workouts of aerobics and strength training provide a comprehensive workout, a combination of probiotics and exercise will keep you in optimal health.


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